Tuesday, March 16, 2010

What we do some weekends when we aren't at a market.

Not too long now before the weekly farmers market season starts up.  In the meantime we are enjoying having our weekends free to do other things, and one of the fun things we do is compete in dog agility.
I first started about 16 years ago when I took a set of lessons with our black lab Echo.  I joined Matsqui Flyball and Agility Club , but for various reasons only stayed with it for 6 months or so.   Seven years ago after taking a couple of sets of lessons with Calli, I joined again, and have stuck with it ever since.  Calli started out well, but over time, agility seemed to be not her 'thing' any more.  Shortly after we lost Echo to cancer at age 12, we adopted Jake, and he has become a great agility dog. 
At the end of 2008 we adopted Luna from Pacific Northwest Border Collie Rescue,(wow, when you click on this link, it takes you immediately to another Luna that needs adopting, now how coincidental is that! That of course will change as time goes on). Larry was dragged into the world of dog agility, and I think he likes it:), well most of the time anyway.  This year he has begun competing as well.  He and Luna are in the Starters level, where all dogs begin.  Dogs are grouped acording to age and height, as well as titles earned.  Jake is competing in the top (Masters) level.   Starters level is more lenient with the time allowed for a run, and what constitutes a 'fault'.  Last Saturday we were at a trial in Cloverdale, and here are some runs.  Jake had a great day, having 4 out of 5 runs as clean or qualifying.  Luna had one qualifying run, seen here below.  In Starters they are allowed to 'mess' up at the weave poles, just as long as they weave correctly through all the poles before moving to the next obstacle.  They always have to start the weave poles by entering with the first pole on their left.

Jake's steeplechase run

Jake's Standard run

Luna's Starters Standard run

Hopefully our videoing skills will improve with practice:)


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