Friday, March 1, 2013

Are We Having Fun Yet?

After surviving and doing decently well in the Sun Run in 2012, we decided to train for it again.  It took a while for Meredith to get over the plantar fasciitis  she developed in the last few weeks of training last year.  Luckily she worked for a Podiatrist, and so was able to get some free custom orthotics.  After a month or so, she was feeling pretty good.  It took me longer to get over whatever it was that went weird between my knee and my hip.  I finally said to the chiropractor that I was going to have to go to the doctor, because it just wasn't getting any better.  He had checked my knee and how it moved, and thought that nothing was really wrong with it.  He suggested I go see a physiotherapist.  I did that, he went through a whole bunch of testing on my knee, and also determined it was fine.  He said that the issue in the knee was based in the hip, and gave me a set of stretches to do, which he said should sort it out.  I did them and it did mostly. Yay!

This year Larry decided to join us.  He did the Sun Run several years in a row, back around 1990. His best time was just over 43 minutes to run 10 km.  He hasn't run since then, and suffers with a bad back and shoulders, and just about everything else.  We didn't join a clinic this year, but are following the same program.  We all were wondering if any issues might resurface, or in Larry's case, just magnify enough to stop us from getting through the training.  So far so good though!  We are just about finished week seven in a thirteen week program.  We started a week earlier than we needed to, so will probably duplicate week ten.  All of us missed one workout, when a bout of Norovirus hit.  I missed another one when I torqued my knee, trying to kick Luna's soccer ball as I walked down the driveway.  I was able to ride the bike though, so went out on that instead.  

We've been lucky, and until today, hadn't had to run in any ugly weather.  A slight bit of drizzle a couple of times, but that's about as bad as it's been.   
Remember those signs of Spring flower pictures I took last week? Huh. Ever since then it's been a lot miserable and a lot wet.  Usually our days for running are Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.  Tuesday this week turned out to be quite wet, so we put it off until Wednesday.  It's best to leave a day between training sessions, so today was the second session of the week.  It's been pouring rain all day.  We have been issued a rainfall warning.  A few times today it looked like it might be clearing up, but it didn't last more than a minute or two.  By the time Meredith got home from work, it was as miserable as ever.  It was a debate as to what would be the best thing to wear.  I usually wear stretchy lightweight capris.  This time I wore leggings.  It worked out well.  Larry, who every other time has worn pants, this time went for shorts.  He was happy with his choice too.  Meredith wore her usual, with the addition of the cap.  I put the dog's reflective coats on, both to make us more visible, and to keep them a bit dryer.   The first mile or so was pretty miserable, we were running into the wind and rain.  Fortunately we are experiencing what is referred to as a 'pineapple express' (warm and wet weather originating out near Hawaii), so at least it wasn't cold.  After we turned the corner, it was much better, and actually overall it wasn't as bad being out in it, as it appeared it might be while standing in the house and looking out of the window.

Here's the Wyndson Farm running club.


  1. Fun! And I love the poop story from the other day too :-).

  2. You guys rock! I like the new header too..good to see Luna and her chickens back:)

  3. More power to you guys. The dogs look spry. LOL Better you than I :0)

  4. Good for you! Glad that you are all making a concerted effort. I too have plantar fasciitis and it is rearing it ugly head right now. Will probably have to go in for an injection soon if it doesn't get better.
    (I like your header even better now)


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