Thursday, March 28, 2013

Snapshots of Oliver Part One

We've just got back from six days in Oliver.  Well in fact the first day was spent getting prepared to leave, which took us until lunchtime, and then four hours driving, and the 6th day was the same thing in reverse.  The four full days in between were relaxing though, sort of.

We always do lots of walking.  Most of it on the dyke along the channeled Okanagan River.  Easy for us to get to, and easy for Calli to walk along, and the dogs can be off leash as long as we are out of the town boundaries.  Not that we don't see a lot of people breaking that rule, but being new in town, we are starting out at least by being 'good'.

There are some patches of prickly pear cactus off the beaten path, so every once in a while we'd see Jake or Luna trying to walk while holding up a leg or two, and I'd tell them to wait and go and pull the long spines out of their leg or paw.  Maybe one day they'll figure it out and stay on the track.
Calli was happy, she had her rock, and Jake had found a piece of wood that was almost like a square ball.


At this particular part of the dyke, there is a scrappy looking  farm.  Not a big farm, but one of those that has all sorts of paddocks and fields and rough looking buildings.  There seems to be just about every sort of farm animal there.  Cattle, horses, a llama, sheep, goats, ducks, chickens, and this last time we saw pigs wandering around a big paddock.  The chickens though, they had the best accommodations.  

Have an old RV that you can't sell?
Turn it into an instant chicken coop!
See the ramp leading to the door?
Maybe the hens are laying their eggs in the kitchen cupboards!


Gotta say though....  Our hens don't have such deluxe accommodations, but they do have green grass!
Here's some of the new hens.  They are all brave enough to go outside now, and one of them is laying an egg.


And they can lay out and sun bathe.



  1. Your grass is green at home! Looks like spring there..Happy Easter! :)

  2. Look at all that green grass and sunshine, wonderful! We have a bit of a wait and a lot of mud before we get there!
    Hope you get more eggs for Easter!


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