Friday, March 15, 2013

Raining and Running

We were under a rainfall warning for two days, and then we've had two more days of rain after that. Sometimes it actually stopped raining, and we even had a bit of sunshine (a very little bit) this afternoon.  Fortunately the dry weather today coincided with when we had to run.  I ran in shorts and a sleeveless top this afternoon, and I was still hot.  Doesn't take much exercise to get me over heated, and I can't function if I have too many clothes on.  Today was the easy workout of the week.  Didn't seem that easy though.  I have to remember that when I was training for the Sun Run last year, I went into the training in better shape.  I had been walking briskly between two and four miles most mornings.  This past year I didn't do any of that.  Well my knee felt so awful for so long that it just wasn't even doable.  So this year, now that we've got up to some longer times and distances, I'm struggling a bit.  Still able to do it, but it's hard.  So back to the rain.  We put off Tuesday's workout because it was pouring rain.  That meant we had to do it Wednesday, and it was still pouring.  I've got to say though, looking out of the window and imagining running in that pouring rain was worse than actually doing it.  On Wednesday we had to run a total of 55 minutes, plus three, one minute walks. I think we did 8.5 km, and did finally break the 7 minute per kilometer mark. (only because we didn't count the five minute walk at the beginning and the end).  My aim this year was to beat last years Sun Run time, but today I said I was just hoping to finish somewhere close to it.  Every time we run we include hills, so we are getting lots of practice at that.  What goes up must come down, and I've got to say, I do look forward to the downhill sections:)

At the airport, which is about 8 miles from here, there has been nearly 4 inches of rain since Monday night.  Monday afternoon I dumped out the Wyndson Farm rain gauge dog pool.  This is what it looked like this morning.  The sides aren't straight so obviously it's not a true depiction of how much rain we got, but no matter how you look at it, it's still far too much.


Made for some pretty sloppy walks through the bush


We can grow some good moss though


The fence posts wear wigs


But Spring really is on it's way.  We can hear the frogs croaking at night.


Although this spot, which I rototilled on Monday afternoon before the monsoons hit, won't be dry enough to plant anytime soon.



  1. I love the fence posts with their wigs! :)

  2. I like your fence post too..we get lichens on ours but never moss..I love the moss it is so so green! Sounds like you are getting a handle on the running..I am impressed:)

  3. Wow, that is a lot of rain, and you keep on running, wow again!
    I love moss and you have a bumper crop! But things look green while we are still knee deep in snow! Pick your poison!


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