Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Mother Nature Apologized

We had two miserable days of straight rain last Friday and Saturday.  It rained non stop for all that time.  Was it depressing, well yeah....a lot depressing.
But Mother Nature must have felt a little sorry for us, and decided she needed to appease us somewhat.  Or maybe a whole lot.  Finally, on Saturday, just before sunset, the rain stopped.  Or did it.  Well it couldn't quite get it sorted out.  We took the dogs for a walk around the block.  It started to rain again, but the low sun was shining through it.  And then it did stop.  I figured there must be a rainbow somewhere.   The last leg of our walk is a quarter mile heading straight at our house, walking due east.  As we rounded the corner to make that last leg, there was the most beautiful sight.  A huge rainbow arched above the road, seeming to be not far ahead.  One of the brightest rainbows I've ever seen.  Did I say beautiful? It truly was awe inspiring.  I was ahead with Jake and Luna.  Larry was dawdling along with Calli.  Of course I didn't have the camera with me, so I hustled home as fast as I could.  Unfortunately though, because the sun was almost set, the rainbow didn't last quite long enough.  I ran in and got the camera, and when I got back out there was just a little bit of the arch left off to the south.  Disappointing to not be able to preserve the magic, but then some things are just meant to be enjoyed in the moment.


But then I did see a big hawk fly over and land in a cottonwood tree, and hold it's wings out to dry out and warm up, as it caught the last rays of the dying sun.  I stood out there myself, enjoying the wonder of it all.


There were some pretty interesting cloud formations as well.


So after two days of rain, we had two days of beautiful Spring-like days, with sunshine and blue skies.  Luna and I renewed our love affair.. waiting....waiting...


..with the rototiller.


It's Luna's favourite power tool, and definitely high on my list as well.  I dragged it out of the barn, put some gas in, checked for oil, and it started on the second pull.


I tilled the plot at the top of the driveway.  I'd love to get some potatoes in there right away.  But then I'd planned to put dahlias there a bit later.  Maybe I can get the dahlia's going in pots, and plant them there as soon as the potatoes are done?


Doing the rototiller two step


Sending an evil look to the photographer after rounding the corner and realizing what was happening.


Two more plots got done in the main garden.  Got to beat those buttercups back now before they take over the whole garden.


  1. Looks like you have spring! The rainbow you caught was lovely. Luna is a bit silly sometimes..but she is easily entertained:)

  2. You enjoy natures beauty as I do. Seems there is always a rainbow of sorts to be found, even on the gloomiest of days.

  3. When we were at the beach for Christmas we witnessed some of the loveliest rainbows ever. I think they are more awe inspiring to the naked eye. The camera never sees to do them justice anyway. I can just lie on the ground and watch the different cloud formations. :0) I don't think Kilt would be allowed to watch the rototiller. She would try to bite it. Luna isa good girl. BTW, KIlt is feeling much better, but still on R and R :0)

  4. It's been too muddy here in Oregon to even try and rototil. I'd probably get mired and stuck!! But - as the sun begins to peek, I'm getting itchy fingers.


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