Thursday, March 14, 2013


I'm up to my neck in projects.  Mostly fun projects.  My new passion, making over furniture.  I'm also slowly getting some more important projects done too.  All the garden areas used for the farmers markets got rototilled by Monday.  Then it started raining Monday night, and hasn't stopped yet.  Those same gardens are now quagmires, but I'm glad I got it done because the weeds were springing to life, and if I don't beat (repeatedly) those buttercups back early in the game, it'll be a losing game for me.  There'll be more on the projects later, but here's a bit of a preview.

The greenhouse, which, I'm embarrassed to say, didn't get used last year, is now all cleaned out and organized and I have some seeds started.


The halloween desk, a project I regret taking on, but have put so much time into now that I'm determined to see it through, is closer to being all orange rather than thick black.  Did I tell you that black velvet was glued over the entire interior of the drawers?


This rough, primitive little magazine table is painted.


And so is this chair.


This chair is heading for Wyndson cottage.  It's been painted and reupholstered.


The sewing room is under review.  This is the good side.  I've been sorting out fabric and getting rid of a lot that I'm trying to be realistic about, and accept that I really WON'T do anything with that particular piece. At least 8 large bags or boxes have gone to the thrift store so far.  I'll have to make sure I don't buy it back.


And we've actually bought some parts to tackle a plumbing project that has been ignored for far too long.


Stay tuned for updates.


  1. You have been us the completed projects. That desk looks like a big project:)

  2. "plumbing project" what in the world?! LoL

  3. Busy bee! I like that desk, bet it comes our fantastic.
    I too have been busy...
    When I was diagnosed with cancer I sold off all but one of my fish tanks. But the love of fish has not gone away and now that I am feeling better I have gotten back into the hobby on a nano scale.
    It's good to keep busy doing things you love!!!

  4. You have done a lot of work and still something remaining. I will be glad to have your updates. I loved the magazine table and fabrics. I would like to have the same.


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