Sunday, March 17, 2013

Starting Off on the Wrong...Shoe?

To change it up a bit, and in reality to make it a bit easier on ourselves, we decided to drive ten minutes today and run on the dyke at Matsqui Trail Regional Park, along the Fraser River.  No hills!
We got out of the car and Jake and Luna were all excited because this was a new place.  Meredith got the training app on her phone going, and we started walking.  All of a sudden there was a yell from Larry who was behind us.

Yep, he forgot to change out of his slippers before he left home!
We all had a good laugh, well except Luna and Jake who were probably wondering why, five minutes after arriving at this new and exciting place, that they had to get back in the car.
We drove home and just ran our usual hilly circuit around our four mile block.  There was a bike race taking place along one of those miles, so there was something a bit different to distract us, slightly.  

And in case you are wondering, no Meredith and I did not purposely go out and buy the same runners.  We each had our running style assessed by a different person, and they each decided that that model of runner would be the best one for us.


  1. I can understand how that would happen I like my slippers too:)

  2. Ha! I have done that twice...going to work! Nothing like working in your house slippers!

  3. Hiking in slippers sounds very exciting, BOL
    Benny & Lily


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