Thursday, May 3, 2012

Reading, Riding, Rambling and Relaxation

Just got home from a six day holiday in the South Okanagan.  We actually did what we said we were going to do last Fall, which was to try and get away in the Spring before the farmers market season started.  So Larry and I and Jake and Luna and our little truck and trailer headed out last week.  We stayed the first night in Keremeos, and then the next four nights in Oliver.  The weather was mostly great.

Cherry orchard across the road from our campsite at The Old Grist Mill

 Lots of sun but not hot, some cloud, and a bit of drizzle.  We rode our bikes for miles, one day riding about 40 km.  We walked lots, and I got 3 1/2 books read.  Meals and our needs were simple.  Checked out places for sale, as Oliver is a place we are thinking we might eventually move to.  

At the north end of the Bike and Hike Trail out of Oliver

And back on the farm..... Just before we left, we sold the 34 hens from the north coop, and while we were gone David picked up 45 new pullets that will start to lay in a few weeks, I hope.  One monstrous rat was killed in a rat trap.  We've been having trouble for a while with rat(s) in the walls of that coop.  Probably still more.
The seedlings that were coming up before we left don't seem to be much bigger.  We came back to wet weather.  The potatoes are doing well, I've got them all hilled up and they are still popping out of the tops.  They are about the only things that are doing well.  Just not enough warm days.

The vegetation all burst open while we were gone, and after spending six days in a much more arid part of the province, it seems rather overwhelming.

Keremeos and Oliver have these....Prickly Pear cactus. Picked these off Luna's legs and feet while out for a walk


  1. Sounds like a wonder and relaxing six days. Mom had a prickly pear stuck in her finger yesterday , ouch!
    Benny & Lily

  2. We have prickly pears around here too, but they are much bigger! Really like your blog and will be back to visit.

  3. I was beginning to wonder what you were up to! Glad it was only a little is good that you took some time off before the Farmers Markets! The Cherry Orchard looks so pretty..even the dandys:)

  4. So glad you got way and had time to ride and read! Could do without the prickly pear cactus though!

  5. Prickly pears, ouch, poor Luna! Welcome home, now you gotta get back to the farm chores.


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