Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Pear Sex - Rained Out

This is our Bartlett Pear tree.  It's covered in blooms, and looks just lovely, even when it's pouring rain.

On Monday, it was busy with buzzing bees, doing their thing.

We've since had two days of straight rain, and there's not a bee in sight.  

Last year there were lots of blossoms, but not the right weather for good pear sex, so we only had about a dozen pears.  In a good year we can get 100 lbs or more.  
I'm sure hoping that we get some more decent weather so the bees can get back at it.

Seems we get a few days of nice weather, and then get blasted again with enough rain to make everything all soggy again.  One of these days I'm hoping the ground dries out and  stays that way for a few months.  It would 'bee' a nice change.


  1. Such a pretty tree! We are so dry..send your rain this way! I think the snow got lots of the blooms in town..but here in the boonies nothing has begun to flower yet:)

  2. I am thankful there are bees somewhere- I didn't see even one on all the flowering trees here

  3. Send some to Southern California...pretty please.

  4. I think we had the same problem with our apple tree last year, mostly due to high winds. It blew off most of the flowers and the bees as well. Huh!

  5. Hope Jake is continuing to do well.


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