Sunday, May 13, 2012

To Market To Market....

The first farmers market of the summer season in our home town was a rounding success.  The weather couldn't have been nicer, there were lots of vendors and lots of customers and lots of sales.  It was maybe a bit slow to start for us, but in the end I couldn't have been happier.  I had picked about 25 bags of greens and herbs.  Kale, beet greens and collards, that had all survived the winter and sent out new shoots and now flower heads, on their way to producing seed and dying.  I know there was one point when I was thinking that we were going to have a whole lot of greens to eat this week, but by the end of the day, (1pm) all those were gone.  The only thing left were a couple of bags of mint from the herb bin.  As usual, I tell myself that I'm going to whip up some mint jelly with that, but never do.  Maybe this will be the time....

Lots of jam sold, so I'll be making a few more batches this week, and even the sewing was a success.  A few mothers got aprons for Mothers Day:)

Could have sold more eggs, but only took 15 dozen.  Some of the new hens have started to lay, yesterday we got 6 little eggs from them.

There was opening day cake for everyone, the mayor was there, and came around and introduced himself.  The music was good, and we had a mini flash mob line dance group appear.

Unfortunately I forgot my camera, so no pictures.  We have one more Sunday off before the White Rock market starts on the 27th.  Before long I'll be complaining about making jam.

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