Monday, May 21, 2012

Happy Wet Victoria Day

Our stretch of decent, a taste of summer, sunny weather came to a screeching halt about lunchtime Sunday.
It had been dry for long enough to create Death Valley type cracks in the soil of the garden paths, and I had to keep watering the basil seeds to make sure they germinated.

Some people went away camping for the long weekend, in tents, and the rain poured down.
Been there, done that, and it might not be much bigger than a tent, but I'm sure happy that we have our little trailer now.  Not that we went anywhere this weekend anyway.  Not that we have a choice, we avoid going away on long weekends.

We went down to the dyke instead.  It's a long time since we've been there.  We lucked out and picked a time when the rain had eased to a drizzle and we got all but the last bit of the walk in before the deluge started again.

The water is high, most likely because the Fraser River is running high with snow melt, and it backs up into the creek.

The dogs got a bit of water time, but all we could find to throw were rocks, so they weren't terribly impressed, since rocks don't float.

Next time we'll have to remember to bring something that doesn't sink.


  1. Oh my word! Thank goodness they didn't hit you, BOL. Beautiful walk..
    Benny & Lily

  2. You went to the dike without a ball?? You must have been in a hurry to leave! I carry extra or two hidden in the car and one in my bag I cart around all summer:)


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