Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Not Just a Pretty Face

The great black hairy beast has not only stopped dropping so many clumps of hair, he has started to pay rent.
This is at least the second mouse he has delivered to the back door.  At my Mum's, he had a cat door, and was back and forth through it constantly.  I'd love to put in a cat door here.  In fact we already have one that fits in a window that is accessed from the roof.   We got it for Smudge, who refused to have anything to do with it.  Nelson would like it just fine I think, he's pretty good at pushing himself into small spaces.  Leave a drawer or cupboard door open, and he's right there climbing up into it and checking it out.  The only thing is, he likes to bring his victims in with him, and they are not always dead.  And then he lets them go, and they hide under the furniture.  That happened at my Mum's.  The thought of it happening here makes me shudder.


  1. You just need a sign, "No Mice Past this Point"! Lol. He's just pulling his weight and showing his love :)

  2. Way to go Nelson! He looks rather regal in that shot!:)

  3. Oh yeah, now he needs to after those big rats! It would really be gross if he brough a live one of those in the house, that might even freak me out!

  4. The nerve of that little thing trespassing!
    Benny & Lily


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