Sunday, April 22, 2012

Hood Ornament

 The other day when Whirlwind Dave decided it was time to do some slashing and burning  cleaning up around here.....

He commented that there were a few mice running around in the front of the tractor.  It seems to have been a winter of mice living in vehicles.  Two cars here are blasting out from the vents, bits of insulation, feathers and whatever else the mice used to make their winter headquarters.  The day I'm driving and a mouse crawls out of those vents will probably be the day I'll have an accident.
So this morning when David started up the tractor, he had a hood ornament for a little while.

The mouse looks a little PO don't you think?

It stayed in place for a while, and then bailed off at the back of the barn, where no doubt it will wait until the tractor is parked back there again.
If I need to use that tractor, I'll be banging around all over the engine cover before I flip the lid to the battery cover and hold the wire to the battery terminal.  That's our hi-tech starter.  Under that lid is  a great place for mice to hang out.  Shudder


  1. Cute ornament! Sic Jake and Luna after mice..Chance stalks them..or herds them until the give up and die:)

  2. That mouse is so cute and yes annoyed, BOL
    Benny & Lily

  3. I had a mouse run across my lap in my truck once. I almost drove off the road. I was so paranoid to drive my truck again after that happened. Yuck,

  4. How cute is that, I love little critters.
    I once stopped and picked up an unconsious squirrel from the side of the road and was taking it to the Vet when it came to and started racing around the car! It finally hid under the dashboard and we couldn't get it out. Had to just leave the car parked with the door open and eventually he took off. I still laugh about that one!


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