Tuesday, April 3, 2012

He's Still Broke

After quite a few visits to the chiropractor, getting Jake's pelvis sorted out to how it should be, as well as the tight muscles that went along with it, I was still seeing the same symptoms. (Lameness when he first gets up, which then he works through, and then seems okay)  So we went off to the vet. Luckily for us, our vet is just around the corner, well about a mile and a half away, since we are on a one mile square block.  Close enough that you can walk your animals there, or ride them if it's Pride.  It's been a godsend, especially in the early years when we seemed to be there too frequently.  I used to joke that I was expecting to be given a parking spot with our name on it.
After explaining all the symptoms, some of which Jake kindly demonstrated, because we had to wait a while and he had been laying on the floor, the exam began.  There was also a young vet trainee or wannabe in the exam room with us.  The vet spent a long time manipulating Jake's leg, to see if he could get any indication of where the problem may be.  The only time he got any reaction was when he did a posterior drawer test, and Jake indicated some pain.  There was no swelling in the area though. The then examined Jake's other knee (stifle), applying the same amount of pressure, and got no reaction.  His diagnosis is that Jake has probably hyper extended his caudal cruciate ligament (known as the PCL or posterior cruciate ligament in humans).  At that time he didn't feel it was necessary for x-rays.  So we are back on limited exercise and it's kind of a wait and see process.  Jake has very straight back legs, which probably hasn't helped, or maybe helped cause the whole issue.
It's always kind of fun going to see our vet.  The vet techs are fun and entertaining.  There are a few office cats that wander around.  The vet jokes with me about never bringing him a cut and dried, easily diagnosed, straightforward kind of case. Yes, we've had a few oddball issues over the years. He doesn't encourage a person to spend any 'unnecessary' money.
I wonder if Jake will ever do agility again, but it's not the end of the world if he doesn't.  There are more important things.


  1. Sometimes just being a dog is good enough. I am sure you are a tad sad about the agility..but maybe with some rest it will resolve itself:)

  2. It's always difficult when we can't pinpoint what the problem is, though it sounds like you have a good Vet. Hopefully R-E-S-T will help.

  3. Wow, those ARE straight legs! With a quick glance they almost look like front legs. Hope he heals up fully soon.

  4. That's great that your VET is so close. Holding positive thoughts that rest will heal up that knee and Jake can romp again without any pain. I added Jake to the Power Of The Paw Widget. The more healing vibes and positive thoughts the better :)

    Waggin at ya,


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