Sunday, January 20, 2013

Out of the Fog

Today turned out to be a glorious day.   From a cold damp foggy day on Friday, a flirting with the fog Saturday, to a lovely sunny clear day today.  We lucked out, because it seems that places closer to the ocean stayed foggy today.  The wispy clouds that were hanging around made for two days of lovely sunsets.  And I'm loving the longer days.  We took the dogs for a walk about 5 o'clock.  Larry went one way with Calli around the one mile block that starts across the road from us.  I went the other way with Jake and Luna.  That way Larry can dawdle along at Calli speed (I hate dawdling), and Jake and Luna can get a bit more of a workout.  By the time we met, Larry and Calli had gone just over 1/4 of a mile, and we'd gone just under 3/4.  Larry turned around and we all walked back together.  Calli's coming along pretty well, we certainly noticed a lot of improvement today.  She's pretty close to being back to 'normal'.  And the beautiful.

I did take some pictures of it yesterday.  Larry headed out with Calli.  I was finishing off cleaning out a chicken coop.  I was trying to keep Luna and Jake occupied so that they didn't notice that Calli and Larry had left without them.  When I got to the manure pile with it's clear view to the south, I had to stop and stare, then and go get my camera.

Looking to the south, over the hayfield




Looking to the southwest, where the sun was setting


And then I thought.....backdrop for a silhouette....
So got Luna and Jake on the top of the manure pile, doesn't everyone use a manure pile as a prop in their photo shoots?  This part of the manure pile is well aged shavings and horse manure, so wasn't too messy or smelly.


By this point they had both figured out that Larry and Calli had gone.  I think they could hear them going down the road, or maybe smell them?  Who knows, but they were certainly looking around quite a bit and trying to figure it out.


Tell me which of the three silhouettes you like best.



  1. These are fantastic shots! There is no way I could ever pic a favorite. Just gorgeous.

  2. All photos were beautiful. The middle sillohuette ;0) and the very first sunset photo. GORGEOUS!

  3. Oh I like the first one..probably because of the colors ..great have to use what is available! :)


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