Tuesday, January 22, 2013


After two evenings of gorgeous sunsets, Mother Nature decided to wow and impress us again yesterday morning.  It was a sparkly world.  The camera just cannot do justice to how beautiful it all looked.  Everything was coated in ice crystals.


The sky was incredibly blue.  We don't see that blue too often.  We are less than 20 miles from the ocean, and the damp air gives us lots of thin moist cloud, even on a sunny day.  Not today, it was clear, and oh so blue!


Notice how the crystals mostly point one way.  They seemed to point either east or north.  Weird.


This is a bunch of hair from Pride's mane, caught on one of the barbs.  He used to be notorious for putting his head between wires of the fence.  You know, the grass is always greener on the other side.....


Hanging off the fence tightener


Looking south over the hayfield.


We ventured through the bush this morning.  It seems just lately we've been walking around the back hayfield more often than not.  Recently because it's a shorter distance for Calli, but mostly because the dogs indicate fresh coyote activity when we get to the gate to the bush field, so we just say no thanks and turn around.  Today it was all quiet, thank goodness.  Luna got so hot she plonked herself in the creek, and then rolled on the frozen grass, so the water then froze to some of her hair.  She had the slightly frosted look.



Just be thankful I didn't post all the photos I took.  I can never decide which I like the most.



  1. Not sure which were your favorite photos, but I loved them all. Such beauty!

  2. beautiful! I enjoyed them all! Especially Prides hair..very cool:)

  3. Absolutely beautiful. The formation of the crystals are something else
    Benny & Lily

  4. She got that frosted look and didn't even have to go to the hairdresser!
    I really do love the frost, it is amazingly pretty.

  5. absolutely gorgeous shots of the little ice crystals. WE had some of that -- and the fog. We are hundreds of miles from the ocean but sit in a perfect valley for the weather inversion

  6. oh MY! the frost is beautiful!!!
    I miss living in the country


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