Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!!

No wild parties tonight, but we did spend a lot of time playing around with this.  It belongs to David, and he said he's got to obstacle 72.  Meredith has made it 44, and I've made it about 24.  There are 125. It is MUCH harder than it looks.  Larry tried it for the first time tonight, and was shockingly successful.  Not that he made it too far, but he got past some of the very early difficult obstacles on the first attempt.

And here's a few photos from the least photographed Christmas ever.  We were trying to set up a family photo.  I wanted everyone to sit, because I wanted the tree to stand out, so I was demonstrating how much better it looked if people sat:)  


And yes, we did have a white Christmas.  It started snowing in the early afternoon and turned everything white for the rest of the day.



And tonight we had one last chance to torment Smudge with a Christmas jester collar, before the decorations are all packed away.


Here's wishing for the very best for everyone in 2013!


  1. Wishing you and yours a very happy and healthy 2013, and thanking you for all your great blogs of 2012. Cheers!

  2. Happy New Year! (I've just noticed Calli with the sheep on your sidebar - your sheep must be very quiet.)

  3. Happy New Year! Thanks for sharing about the Puzzle Ball..I went to Amazon and ordered one for the grands:)

  4. Happy New Year. Love the plexus -- got my grand children some of those a few years ago not really knowing what they were. They were hits

  5. Thank you and Happy New Year to you and your family. That game looks like fun, I might have to get one for the hubby.
    Smudge looks very cute and your tree is spectacular! We had more snow on Christmas day as well, I love that. Now we are going through a big melt...very icy and messy.

  6. Beautiful tree. Lovely white Christmas. Happy new year to you!


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