Sunday, January 20, 2013

All Fogged In

Friday was an ugly grey fogged in day.  The weather people kept telling us that the fog was going to burn off, but it didn't.  It was cold and damp, and did I say cold, and it was just ugly ugly ugly.  It was foggy overnight and everything got a bit of frosty ice on it.  Saturday morning I was trying to take some arty pictures of the frost covered plants, but wasn't very successful.  I ditched them all except this one.  I only kept this one because of what you can see on the fence in the back ground. The sun was trying to burn through.  There's blue sky to the left over the higher ground, but the fog was still hanging out in the lower areas.


So I got a few different artsy fartsy pictures.  Kind of fun doing silhouettes.



The sun just coming through enough to give a bit of a glow to the red parts of the rooster.


He was on his way to go and hang out with the other girls. Sowing some oats,  showing me his wings.


And then I suddenly realized that he had a tail again!


He looks and feels much better than he did back in November, when the coyotes left him with this poor excuse for a tail.


No wonder he's heading to the other field to show off to the other hens!


  1. Awesome photos ! It is cold and was blowing snow here earlier this morning and now the sun is peeking out every once in a while ! When I was on our farm as kid we had a rooster like that named Alfred he was a riot and loved to show off for the girls ! Have a good day !

  2. Love these photos, even though it was cold for you. The rooster is indeed a fine specimen...just ask him!

  3. I like the wings spread. "I'm your man!" Haha He looks much better with a tail :0)

  4. really nice pix Karen! I'm just catching up on my blog reading - see you've been busy as always! Belated Happy New Year :0

  5. He has his tail back!! I hope it stays that way:)


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