Wednesday, January 16, 2013

It Makes You Feel Good

IMG_5000Everyone likes to get a little pat on the back now and again.  For example, when someone you don't know appreciates something you've done or made. It's been a good few days for that.
First, on Monday, was a call from a lady in Quebec.  Now calling from Quebec is no longer a big deal, what with long distance packages and all that.  But it just seems impressive, someone calling from the other side of the country to tell you that they really enjoyed the Crabapple Jelly that their sister-in-law in Abbotsford sent them.  Apparently the SIL thought the jelly was just like what her mother used to make, and sent a jar to her brother and his wife in Quebec for Christmas.  They thought it tasted pretty close to what mom used to make too, and phoned to let me know how much they enjoyed it.  And I told her that she had made my day, 'cause she had.  I felt good all day.

Then this morning, I had an email from someone in
Wales, asking if they could use one of my shearing pictures in their upcoming winter shearing fact sheet.  I said I'd be honoured:)

As well I had an email from someone telling me how much they loved my blackberry jam, and could they order four large jars, as well as two of raspberry.  It's just nice to get good feedback, especially when there are days that you are fed up and feel like you never want to do it again.

Which makes me think that I need to remember to go that extra step to let someone know when I really like something they did or made or said.  We all need that little pat on the back now and again.


  1. I can imagine that you jams and jelly taste as good as they look. It is wonderful to hear from satisfied customers...soon you will be known at the Jam Lady:)

  2. Always GREAT to get some feel GOOD comments to brighten one's day. I try to be as upbeat as I can in the hospital to brighten what otherwise is a miserable day for my patients. That's the least I can do :0)

  3. Ahh, the kindness of strangers. So nice when someone takes their valuable time to comliment you! It would make my day too :)


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