Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sunday Morning Walk

Not too far from our place in Oliver is this cute little church.  Back in the Fall I thought it would be a Christmas card sort of picture when there was snow.  So last Sunday morning I wanted to go and take a picture or three.  If I'd only waited one more day, there would have been a couple inches of fresh snow on everything, and it would really have looked pretty.

We were doing one of those back lane/street walks on Sunday morning.  We were trying to take it easy on Calli.   Larry was walking Jake and Calli, so I said I was just going to go up the little hill and take some pictures.  Since that wasn't the direction that we were planning on going, he could just wait at the bottom to save Calli the extra hill climb, and I'd just be a few minutes.  When Luna and I got up the hill, she really noticed that the rest of the family wasn't with us, and started shrieking and making a fuss, because she thought she was missing out on something.  I had to hurry, because I figured people would be coming to their windows wondering what was making that doG awful noise.


As it turned out, we ended up coming back from the other direction past the church on our way home, so I made another photo attempt.  This time instead of one border collie making sounds like she was being murdered, we had a fight play session break out.
A few minutes earlier, while passing another church, the bells started ringing.  Well more like a taped version of bells ringing that was being broadcast far and wide.  A few minutes later another church just down the street from our place started their 'bells' going too.  I haven't heard church bells for a long time. It was like they were trying to outdo each other, and the combination of the two was a bit discordant sometimes.



  1. It's a beautiful little church. Our cousin got married in a little chapel like that. Cool
    Benny & Lily

  2. I don't know if you read mysteries, but I read the murder by the month series by Jess Lourey (starts with May) -- and why, you ask, are you telling me this -- well the heroines faithful campanion is named Luna.

  3. Love that little Church. Looks like a peaceful little town, just perfect for long walks with the dogs.

  4. What a beautiful little church..I would have stopped too! Looks like a quaint place:)


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