Thursday, January 24, 2013


This is why Luna doesn't get to jump on our bed, and why there is always dried dirt around her bed.

Yep, that's what the water looked like after she got in the tub and I sprayed warm water all over her chest and belly and legs and tail.  The plug isn't in the tub, it's just that there is so much dirt that the filter over the drain is plugged up.

We were outside a lot today.  It didn't rain until we were finished for the day, but the ground is damp, mostly thawed out now after our cold spell.  Just an average Fall, Winter, Spring and part of the Summer, day here on the southwest coast of Canada.  So yeah, Luna gets this dirty A LOT!   We usually leave the dogs shut in the basement until they dry off when they are that dirty.  Lately I've been giving Luna a wash off.  She is okay with it, I can get her into the bathroom and into the tub under her own steam.  But really, she'd rather not be there.  So the instant I even think about doing it, or just happen to stand outside the bathroom door, she is belly to the ground, trying to slink past me and up the stairs.

Today Jake was really dirty too.  We were out putting up some more fencing.  Jake was there with his stick, running through the wet field.  Luna was with us, with Pride, with the sheep, all over the place.  I gave Jake a rinse off too.  Even though he has more hair, and looked dirtier than Luna, the water was no where close to being this black.


  1. BIG laugh at the dirt. I think I will take Yoko to town with me and stop in at U WASH DOGGIE. It will be worth the $13 to use their facilities. :0)

  2. That is one dirty dog! Ha, I swear that Ryker can read my mind. When I just think about giving him a bath or shower he bolts out the cat door!

  3. They can get so much dirt on their bellies..and I am not certain how it gets there..we have mainly dries up and falls sometimes his laying down areas are beachy. At least you are warm enough to be muddy:)

    1. Luna is just on the go all the time, running from spot to spot, and I figure her front feet throw the mud up onto her belly.
      It kind of felt like Spring here today:)


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