Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Under the Microscope

This morning, early, I could hear the roar of the propane burners of a hot air balloon.
The dogs had gone out a little bit before, and Jake now had his nose pressed to the glass door, begging to come in.

I went out to let the chickens out, and here is the balloon coming right over our house and heading over the trees in the sheep field.

Right over my head.  When I waved, people waved back to me.  I heard someone say 'look at the dog', as Luna did her usual outrun around the sheep field.  I felt like I was putting on a performance, being watched from above.  It was a weird feeling. 

I headed over to the south field to let the other coop of chickens out, away from the direction the balloon was going.  Those hens would have been able to see the balloon from the window in their coop.  They were a little more hesitant about coming out, and stopped to have a good look at that great big 'predator' in the sky.

Coming down!

Just landing in the field next door

I thought Pride might be all wound up and snorty, but I don't think he'd even noticed.   His hearing isn't so great any more.  He finally saw it when  Luna ran out to him and he put his head up and then saw the deflating balloon out of the corner of his eye.

I brought Jake back out, he wasn't really thrilled about even looking at the balloon, but since it was no longer making those roaring noises, he figured he was going to be okay.

The wind late yesterday afternoon undressed some of the blueberry bushes.  I dressed them back up again after I picked the ripe ones. 
 Breakfast appetizer!


  1. Wow what a birds eye view! Imagine that landing in the field next to you - great to see! :)

  2. Luna looks like she is telling Pride all about it! Chance wouldn't like the noise either..such a good start to your day! :)

  3. Wow...has that ever occurred before? Pretty neat. All my animals would be freaked!

    1. Once, many years ago, one landed on the field on the other side of our place.

  4. Pretty cool! I love the photo of Luna and Chance. Do you dress the blueberry bushes to keep the birds off? I got to pick wild blackberries in Oregon and Washington last week. That was a first for me, oh so good!

    1. Yes Ryker, the fabric is over the blueberry bushes to keep the birds, mostly starlings, from devouring the berries. The berries are done now, but I've left the fabric on just in case the deer wander through. The bushes are finally established enough that they sent out some really nice new branches this year, and I don't want the deer munching them off, which they have done before.


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