Thursday, July 26, 2012


The first thing the hens do when you let them out in the morning, is to put their heads down and start pecking at grass.  Since they peck at the first grass they see, the grass near the coop is always quite short.

Then a whole bunch headed over to the water bucket to wash that grass down.  We keep the hose dripping so the bucket is always full.

After opening up both coops, I took my morning wander through the garden, and had some breakfast appetizers.

I could stuff myself with these peas, pods and all.

And then Larry comes out and gives Pride his breakfast - 'senior horse pellets'.

Hey lady, since you aren't sharing those peas and raspberries, how about getting us our breakfast?

No food, no toy throwing.....boring!

Some dogs take matters into their own mouths, and help themselves to what Pride drops.  


Even Smudge gets in on the 'raw act'.  Somehow she seems to magically appear when it's dog feeding time, and requests her share too.


  1. What a lovely morning ritual - every morning! I would love to live on your farm and have chickens! It looks so relaxing!

  2. Everyone gets fed..including you..the peas look perfect! :)

  3. A bunch of HAPPY campers :0) How do you keep the dogs from eating all of the veges/fruits you don't want them to? Is everything fenced?

    1. Yes, everything is fenced:) It's just a matter of remembering to close gates, and of course we fail at that far too often. The dogs are allowed to pick the low raspberries when we are out there picking, saves us having to bend down so low. Years ago Calli made a heck of a mess of the patch when she started rearing up to get the higher ones, and broke a lot of stems in the process. And the peas, they'd destroy that if they were left to their own devices.


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