Wednesday, August 1, 2012

They're Watching You!

I bought these at the grocery store the other day.
They are Smelt. They are high in omega 3s.

The poor cashier. She barely touched the package and averted her eyes.
'It's those eyes, I feel like they're watching me' she said.

All part of a dogs breakfast.

Not the dog's first choice, but they all got eaten.

Nelson gave them a sniff and a lick, and then walked away.  That doesn't surprise me.  I really would have been surprised if he'd eaten one.  He always turns his nose up at my raw offerings.

 I might get brave enough to try them myself one day.  Cooked though of course.  I'm not a sushi kind of gal.


  1. I love smelt, battered and fried in butter!

  2. oh my word! We love fishies
    Benny & Lily

  3. I lOVE sushi, but I'm going with Nelson on this one!

  4. Smelt over here is a phrase for smelling something - it's not a proper word of course but Scottish people would say something along the lines of "oh I smelt it and it was horrible" - I suppose that's quite accurate where fish are concerned!! haha :)

    1. Sharon, I was wanting to work that in somehow, since I too say 'smelt', but would spell it 'smelled'. Couldn't think how to do it without making myself look like I didn't know how to spell it properly:)

  5. When the Smelt run in late April or early May one of the local churches has a smelt fry. I don't like them..and I don't think I could get them down raw:)

  6. Ryker is not a huge fan of fish either. I put salmon oil on his food and he likes that, but when I forget to thaw his dinner I give him canned salmon and he eats it but is not thrilled. Only one of our cats likes raw. I think if they had been started as kittens it would be different.

  7. Hope all is well -- I miss seeing new posts.


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