Monday, July 16, 2012

Doggie Day

It was doggie day at the farmers market yesterday.  There was some amazing road art.

This was drawn in chalk, yes, even that cone on the right 

And the real Rosco poses next to his portrait.  

This is Major.  He belongs to one of the vendors, and comes to the market most days.

The weather yesterday, in the morning, was Not nice.  I guess we've had our week of summer.  
As one vendor said, 'it's the middle of July, and I'm wearing a toque!'
And despite the fact there was a little dog show happening, which usually brings everyone and their dog to the market, it was a slow day.

Major's mom Judy, sent us home with this. See that empty tart thingy on the left.  That was to give me the energy to pack up our booth.
 Is there any wonder that I'm not losing any weight?

The best part of the day for Luna was when the chalk art had to be washed off the pavement.  She got to chase the hose, and star in a few stranger's  phone videos.


  1. What wonderful art! Our local farmer's market welcomes dogs. We love going there.

  2. Oh that funny Luna. Kilt likes to follow the worker that feeds the stock at Task Farms in the morning. Why? Because, he has to fill up their water tubs! She's not going to miss that!

  3. What great art! I can just imagine your Luna the Star of those videos:)

  4. Ryker love the hose as well. Shame they washed it away, at least you have wonderful photos of it. Very talented work.
    I did not make it to the market last week. Did a garage sale with my neighbor and made money instead of spending it!
    Those baked goods sure look yummy. We have some very good ones at our market as well which I try to avoid...I need to try harder, ha ha.


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