Friday, July 6, 2012


If you are like us, and you live on acreage, there's not much that you ever get rid of .  Just because, it's guaranteed that somewhere down the road you'll find a use for it.  Way back when we first had sheep, we had one length of the electronet type fencing.  When we moved here, we didn't need it, as we had the fields set up differently.  That's 26 years ago.   We had gained a few more rolls when the place my dad worked got out of the sheep business.  We've never used it for it's original purpose since we've been here.  I do find it quite useful for putting around the garden though.  So we put a length around some of the dahlias that are in the backyard.  It's not electrified, it's just a barrier of sorts.

A barrier to keep those crazy soccer playing border collies from breaking off all the stems.  
These dahlias are doing amazingly well, thank you very much, despite the mass of slugs on other parts of the property.

Until Luna came along that is.
Yes, a few of the plants have taken a beating, but the since the fence is up now, they should be okay.

And the peas, which were growing up a piece of that same sturdy wire that we put up to keep the coyotes out, are now all wrapped in electronet.   The pea shoots were reaching well above the 4 ft wire, we ran the electronet down one side of the shoots, and then the other side, above the existing wire, and then around both sides at the bottom.  The pea plants have never been so much under control.  No more stems flopping over this year!

And in another week or so we will be eating peas, and we have broccoli too:) 

 I was feeling pretty discouraged about the vegetable garden, but I feel that things are finally looking up.
Or maybe not.  I dug up potatoes tonight and came across a whole bunch that have been gnawed on by voles


  1. Voles..they must have thought you planted potatoes just for them..your peas look really good!
    What is that beautiful little tree that is flowering? :)

    1. The vegetable garden is riddled with vole tunnels:(

      As for the tree, that is the colour of the foliage. It is Salix integra ‘Hakuro-nishiki’

  2. we are jealous of your garden
    Benny & Lily


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