Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Vitamin D

It's been more than a week since we've seen the sun.  There's been a whole lot of grey and white and wet.  The snow is taking it's sweet time to leave.  The hayfield, which is a south facing slope, is showing quite a bit of green.  That was no doubt helped along by Pride, who had access to that field last week and kept himself busy pawing through the snow to find the grass.  I hope he clobbered a few moles on the head while he was at it. Mole hills are rife in that field.  The field to the north of us is almost all green, no doubt because it is very open and exposed and when the snow was blowing, most of it blew away.  The neighbour's field to the south is still all white, as is our back hayfield.  The top of the driveway is still a skating rink.

It was pretty exciting to see the sun yesterday afternoon though, and I headed out to the hayfield for a wander.  A couple of weeks ago Luna lost a Flying Squirrel toy out there.  I did mention to the collies that perhaps they could find the toy.
Then I saw Jake tugging on something, trying to pull it free from a frozen clump of snow, and I thought 'Wow, he's found it already, good boy Jake!'

And then I saw what it really was.

He did get a little stick fetching in

And then there was a little mole/vole hunting

If you tell Luna to find a toy when you are outside, that only means one thing.
Her 'soccer' ball.  She ran off and brought it back from somewhere down the driveway.

And the chickens are happy that the snowy is slowly going.  This green is under the fir trees, so the snow was only thin there.

It's the temperature that affects the chickens more than the ground conditions.  Here they march up the snow to see if I've brought them any treats.  We cleaned some stuff out of my mum's fridge, freezer and cupboards.  The chickens are getting some of it.  They think it's pretty great.

And this morning, it's all grey and raining once again.


  1. Great photos of the dogs..Luna could your tongue get any longer? Hope Jake got some voles and it looked like Cali helped! We might have sun this afternoon..I need to go out and sit in it a while:)

  2. LOVE the chicken parade photo. Trouble would like to join the others in vole hunting, but only IF she had some miniature snow boots. :0)

  3. Oh, I got a good laugh lookig at those pictures! The chickens marching through the snow really got me, and I so love your dogs! We have voles but the cats are all over that!


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