Monday, January 16, 2012

Luna's Snowballs

She makes them and then she eats them.

There is no way she would have let me pull on those snowballs like she was.  She would have been leaping like a fish on the end of a line if I had been pulling on the hair like that.  I just left her to it, and a bit later she was all cleaned up.

More snow today, about 6 inches on top of what we had left from Saturday morning.  It was a different kind of snow, and it balled up on Luna's hair something fierce.  Jake not so much, but his hair is much softer than Luna's, and of course Calli only got a few around her feet.

It was Jake's turn for the chiropractor today, in another freaking snowstorm like the trip with Luna in November.   We have been noticing that Jake was limping for two or three steps on his right hind when he got up from his chair or the floor.  If you didn't see him get up, you'd never know anything was wrong.  Before making an expensive trip to the vet, I wanted the chiropractor to check him out first.  Dr. Lana said his pelvis was quite twisted, and Jake was not happy when she was adjusting it back into position.  We are hoping that it does the trick.  It wasn't an instant fix, she said it might take a day or two, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed.
Since the University had closed for the day due to the weather, David was able to drive me, since he is the only one with snow tires.  We went from everything all white and snowing at our place, down the steep hill to the valley along the river.  Just past the dyke where we walk the dogs, the snow had stopped, the road was black and wet.  It was like coming into a different world.  Of course on the way back, we drove back into the winter whiteness.  A farmer at the bottom of the steep hill back up to our neck of the woods flagged us down and told us not to attempt it, he said most had failed.  I'm sure David on his own would have tried it anyway, but his dear mother suggested we had better take the safe option.
More snow is predicted for tonight.
And Luna, well she hasn't been this clean for a long time.


  1. ow ow ow! that looks so painful! Daisy the malamute X's coat just sheds snow off but Bear the newf X has the dread Yak Coat & he sometimes balls up. Luckily he doesn't lie down or play on it for terribly long so he doesn't get too bad. Darwin gets them but not as bad as Luna & I can rub them off....

    we had hardly any fresh snow today btw! funny how different it's been in the various Lower Mainland areas.

  2. She looks all clean..sparkly white!! Chance hates the snowballs he gets them mainly between his toes. I think it is longer hairs that are uneven that collect..little snowballs become big ones the more they run through the snow. We had a Sheltie once that collected so many snowballs she could barely it is funny at the time not so much. Enjoy your snow!! :)


    Poor Luna...that kept her busy pulling off all the 'dingle-berries.' Tha above web address is an intersting article on how dog's feet stay warm in the snow. :0)


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