Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Elated and then Deflated

The other day I was in Walmart.  It's not a place I go in regularly, but they have (and now it's 'had') a small fabric department. They used to sell this heat reflective liner stuff that I put in the tea cosies I make.  Their price was really good, even better than when my regular fabric store has a half price sale.  Lo and behold, the fabric department, where there had to actually be a real live person to cut the fabric for you, has now become a pre-packaged, serve yourself department.  There wasn't a package of the stuff I was looking for to be found.

Among other things, what I did bring home was a big kid's ball for Luna.  One of those large beach balls.  Since the plants take a beating when she gets charging around with her soccer ball, I thought maybe a beachball, which was much lighter than the soccer ball, might fit the bill for the summer.

Luna thought it was pretty great, and started pushing it around right away.  My theory about it being easier on the plants went out of the window pretty quickly.  That light beach ball ended up in places the soccer ball never got to, and the damage was worse.


And now deflated:(
One tired dog though!


  1. In Europe there is a new sport(including big balls) for dogs: treibball.
    Something for Luna?

  2. I agree with Treiball - I'd like to try it with my Golden's. They do have a Facebook page. We do the same thing for Monty - those balls sure don't last long, but the few minutes they are there, he loves them!


  3. What energy! I got tired watching. I notice Luna's companions weren't at all interested in her chase; only in getting out of her way.

  4. Hey! Great video..I really enjoyed it! We did the same thing with Chance..he deflated his too. Then I got him an exercise ball at Walmart one of those Gold Gym ones it is large..I had to put Duct Tape over the plug or it falls is thicker plastic and he has not punctured it yet. Luna would be good at Triball..she really herds the ball..Chance gets his ball stuck someplace and just barks at it! We will build a goal for it..and see if we can get Chance to herd it to the goal:)

  5. Oh my! We are tired just watching. BOL
    Benny & Lily

  6. Thanks for the treibball link. I've just spent a lot of time looking at youtube links, reading the rules, etc:)
    We do have one of those big exercise balls, but since Larry actually uses it to exercise with occasionally, I thought I wouldn't risk it getting punctured.
    Luna is really good at working her soccer ball through small gates, and there is rarely a time that she gets it into a location that she can't get it out of.
    Maybe we'll try doing a bit of directional training:)

  7. Wow, she's awesome with the ball!

    I've looked at the treibball videos too - they look like fun.

  8. Great video!.
    Enjoyed watching Luna's zip & expertise as well as the 'Masters'.
    Oscars to All


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