Friday, June 24, 2011

Wednesday's Ride

Seems like Wednesday has become the day we load the bikes on the back of the truck and head out to pedal a few miles.  
This week we stayed closer to home, and went to Ft. Langley, which is only about 15 minutes from here.
We rode on the Fort to Fort trail.  It starts right in Fort Langley.  We parked in the parking lot for the old fort, which is now a tourist attraction.  You know, the usual sort of thing.  The old buildings have been repaired or replicated.  There are employees or volunteers wandering in period costume, explaining and demonstrating how it was done 100+ years ago.  It is really quite interesting.  We've been in there a few times.
Here's the map of where we rode.
We actually started off the map, where the dotted line disappears in the bottom right hand corner. There is some tiny printing there that says Ft. Langley 2 km. 
You can click on the photo and zoom in.

Where it says Heritage Area is where the original fort was built, and where this plaque and cairn were located.

That's the Fraser River behind Larry.  It's still running quite high, but not as high as it was.

There was a lovely old oak tree.  I wonder if that was there in 1827.
Larry said that he'd like a maple tree like that, instead of the one we have.
Plant and tree identification is not his specialty:)

We headed on towards the Edgewater Bar area and the campsite.  The pedaling is mostly flat, with some small hills.

There were even a few empty campsites.  We would have been happy to take this one.  The mosquitoes can be notorious in this area.  I don't think they are a problem yet, as we didn't even notice any in the sheltered area, but there was such a stiff wind that it was hard to be sure.

We rode through the campsite and around the dog off-leash area, which does have some river access at one corner.  There were a couple of people there, who said that when the river is lower there is a sand and gravel bar there.  On Wednesday there was just a small muddy drop into the river.

By this time the Fort to Fort trail had turned into the Trans Canada Trail

We rode along for a while, passing through an old farm.  Yeah, the road went right through the middle of it.  On one side the barns were right at the edge of the road.

We rode to the YOU ARE HERE spot on the map at the beginning of this post, and then turned around and headed back.  
The weather was perfect, and it was a great ride.


  1. That looks like a great ride. I was enjoying myself until we got to the old farm. Whay do they have to build roads through people's property? They do that here too and it is just wrong :(

    Sorry, I have emotional outbursts :) We love too learn how things were done 100 years ago. Progress isn't always progess, you know?

    Emma Rose

  2. Emma Rose,

    In this situation I think that road has probably been there as long as the farm. Probably was just a dirt track to start with, and of course got bigger as time went on. Maybe I'll have to see what I can find out about that!

  3. What a great place! I would love to park our Airstream in that spot and stay a couple of days.

  4. We love tagging ing on your adventures
    Benny & Lily

  5. Thank You Karen. An encouragement to get Fort Langley.

  6. What a pretty day! Yeah, no rain!!!


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