Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Chiropractor Day

Today was the dog's chiropractor appointment.  Now this probably surprises some of you.  Yes, there are chiropractors for dogs, and cats, and horses too.  The dog's chiropractor also treats people, but she has two special rooms that are just for dogs.   There's even an office dog, their own.  He gets to go to work with his owners! Lucky dog:)  We started using a dog chiropractor when Calli was first injured, over nine years ago. We have a different chiropractor for ourselves; we have been going to him long before there we ever used a dog chiropractor.

 Heading to the chiropractors is the same route we take to the dyke, only a little farther, we have to continue on past the creek to Fort Langley.  The dogs know the route to the dyke, at least it seems that way, and it's almost as though they seem a little disappointed when they get out of the car, and they are in a paved parking lot, with no creek in sight.  Jake has been showing signs of slight lameness, on and off, in his left front leg.  Dr. Lana said his tail was out of adjustment, as was his left shoulder.  She worked hard to get him adjusted, and Jake was not happy about it, and he told her once that ouch! that was NOT comfortable. As soon as he is done though, it is straight to the cookie jar, with very pointed looks from the jar to the Dr., but he had to wait until all the dogs were adjusted.  Something in Luna's back was out, which is par for the course with her.  She is hard on her body, I could probably take her every week to the chiropractor and there would be something that needed putting back in place.  Calli was pretty good, nothing much was too out of place,  and Dr. Lana was flabbergasted when I told her that she was 15 years and 9 months old.

It was an absolutely beautiful Fall Day, and as promised we stopped at the dyke for a walk on the way home.  Jake and Luna got a bit of a swim, I had nothing to throw for them, and not a stick in sight, but I managed to fake them out a few times by throwing rocks.  Calli had a deep wade, and put her head under a couple of times to find the perfect rock.

Look at the old lady go!  We walked two miles and all at a pretty good clip.  This was on the way back, about half a mile to go, and carrying the rock in her mouth.
Calli the wonder dog @ 15 3/4years.


  1. I did not know there were dog chiropractors. I just love your walks and hearing about your dogs. I could sit here all day and watch Calli run.

  2. Go Callie Go! She looks happy with that rock in her mouth! I am not fond of Chiros...up here they want you back week after week something is always out of place...my parents both go and are always out of whack:(

    1. We set the appointments for for ourselves for every 6 weeks, Larry should probably go more often as he always gets some relief from a visit. He has a disc that is almost gone. I go just to stop myself from getting too bad, as I did years ago when I stopped going to the chiropractor altogether. I like that I can discuss issues with him other than my back, such at issues in my feet.

  3. Ryder got a couple free adjustments from my Chiropractor. He is like Luna, wild and jumping back flips to get that frisbee. I should probably get him adjusted again. Love you Callie girl!

  4. Callie truly is a wonder dog! And so lucky to have you taking such good care of her ( and Jake and Luna too, of course).

  5. There is a bone steeler here too
    Lily & Edward

  6. How encouraging to see her speeding along! i


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