Sunday, April 26, 2015

Something a Bit Different.

Today we went to Fort Langley and met son David and his girlfriend at a British Car show held at the Community Hall.
David had been here for a few days to learn about a new computer program that the company he is working for is going to start using.  

The show was held by the  L.A.M.B. Motoring Club

It was on the grounds of the lovely community hall.

This was my favourite car, the Triumph Mayflower.  It was cute, with the two colours.  The bonnet (hood) is up for inspection

And the boot (trunk) is open and all ready for a picnic.

This was the inside, (sorry for all the reflection), with a cute little fold down table in the backseat, and I  loved the china tea cup:)

David and Christina admire an MG

 Here's one for you, Harvey!

 There was a beat up old double decker bus, complete was a lady conductor with her money bag over one shoulder and the machine that cranked out the tickets over the other.

I went up the little windy staircase at the back to the upper level.  It was always easy to spot David in his bright orange.

I have yet to perfect the art of a good selfie, I'm always squinting at the screen, trying to see it.

The token Land Rover.  Hermione is owned by someone in the same club as David.

I guess this was the other part of the 'mostly British'.  That little trailer on the back folded down to the size of a tent trailer.  Pretty cute combo don't you think?

Afterwards Meredith joined us and we all went out for lunch.  The food was good, but it was spoiled by the length of time we had to wait to be seated.  Seems that five is an awkward number.  They 'couldn't' add a chair to the end of a booth because that may block the aisle in case of a fire.  There were sections of the restaurant that weren't being used.  When we finally did get a table meant for 6, we were right next to one of the unused sections.  There was only a small piece of wall sticking out a couple of feet,  between us and a table for 6 in the next section.  David was actually on the phone to another restaurant to see if there was space there, when we were finally seated.  Then after ordering, we had to wait far too long to get our food.  We saw people seated after us, eating first.  I was looking for someone to complain to when our food finally arrived.   We aren't a complaining family, but I was close to changing that.  I'm going to the restaurant website to see if there is a place to leave a comment.


  1. What an amazing show, some beautiful old cars. Loved the old London bus.

  2. I've never thought I would enjoy a car show, but this one looks different. These are the cutest cars! My favorite would be the first picture, (your favorite). I really like that little combo too (last picture). Sounds like a fun day with your family.

  3. I noticed they are having Spam at their picnic...that is a Minnesota food ya know! What a great outing, I enjoyed seeing the cars...and you are looking good too! At least it isn't an up the nose shot! I hope you give the restaurant a rant...sounds like they need one. :(

  4. What a great show to see. You shared some great photos. At one time a London bus sat along the North Shore in Minnesota and they tried to make a fast food place out of it.

  5. That first car is my favourite as well and I noticed the Spam on the picnic basket. Nifty little fold-down table inside the car too! Too bad about the restaurant. Kind of puts a damper on the day.

  6. That would be a lovely show to go to ! I do like vintage vehicles ., and that building is lovely to. I was on a double decker bus in London England many years ago when I went to see family there ! Yes me mum and dad were Brits lol . Wonderful photos . Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  7. My Dad would probably have something to say about all of those cars. I just love looking at them. And I want one. I will say, though, that Land Rovers are cool. I think I only find them cool because I'm a farmer!


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