Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Back to Warm and Fuzzy

Feeling happy again about the new hens.  None trying to escape this morning.  No pecked eggs.  36 eggs laid today.  Way to go girls!

I've been cleaning out the cupboards, slowly.  Stuff we aren't eating anymore.  I have one of those upper corner cupboards that is awkward to get into and it's hard to see everything in there.  That was were I kept the stuff like dried beans and dried soup mixes that I was postively absolutely going to start using on a regular basis, and never did.  So now I've just decided I'm not going to use them, ever, and because I hate to waste ANYTHING, I'm soaking them in some water and feeding them to the chickens. 

 And I must say, the chickens are thrilled.  As soon as I get close to the fence they all come running.  Or some of them.

And then more showed up.  The little rooster, he just goes wherever he pleases.

The new hens like it too.  They all seemed to like todays offering of beans and soup mix better than the lentils they got the other day.

And on a note of a different colour, I noticed that just about everything blooming here is blue(ish).  The daffodils are long gone.  The few tulips are on their last legs.  Here's the blue(ish) stuff.


Ajuga or Bugleweed


Perennial Cornflower

 Grape Hyacinth (almost finished)


 Something whose name escapes me right now.  Most of the picture was out of focus so I cropped it out.

And now for some pink.... Columbine

And last of all, our flowering Cherry, which is just about finished and is sprinkling pink petals over everything.


  1. Lovely photos ! Oh the chickens must of been thrilled to get all that . WOW ! so far ahead of us in the flower department that's for sure ! I cant wait for all our flowers and crab apple tree to bloom . Thanks for sharing , have a good day !

  2. Love seeing your hens and rooster loving the goodies you're putting out! Love your colorful flowers! Thanks so much!

  3. Chickens are tooting eggs out everywhere! Lots of blue coming out here, too.

  4. Hello and nice to find a blogger close to home! Love your hens. Although we live right in town we used to keep half a dozen hens but now by-laws prevent this. Too bad, I say. Your flowers are gorgeous!

  5. Oh your flowers are so pretty, especially that Columbine! The Blues are great too...I like should be spreading like mad for you! Three dozen eggs a day...sounds perfect! :)


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