Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Women are from Venus, Men are from Mars

A woman and a man set off on a bike ride.  The first part was downhill, and woman was in front.  She kept checking that the man was coming behind her, which he was, but he seemed farther back than usual.  When she got to the really really steep hill, the woman put her brakes on a bit, as she had mental images of losing control and skidding down the hill, bare skin to pavement.  That was too bad, because the next part was a really steep uphill, and she needed as much of a run at that hill as she could get.  The road curved here, and part way up the hill the woman looked back and could not see the man at all.  So she gave up all the impulsion she had, and got off the bike and waited.  Eventually the man came into sight, and when he got to where she was waiting, the woman asked the man why he was so far behind.  The man said he came down the hill slowly, and he looked kind of grumpy.  The woman got back on her bike and made her way to the top of the hill and continued along.  She realized that the man seemed to be going slower than usual, and he still looked grumpy.  A few miles passed, and the man still seemed grumpy.  Finally it was too much grumpiness for the woman, and she stopped and asked the man what was wrong.  The man said he  had a painful earache because the cool air was blowing in his ears.  The woman wondered to herself why the man hadn't said anything sooner, before his ears started to hurt. The woman asked him if he wanted to go back.  He didn't say anything.  She asked him if he wanted to keep going,  he said 'slowly'.  The woman started looking through everything they had brought with them so see if there was any tissue or something that the man could put in his ears.  She found nothing.  Then she had a brain wave.  The woman told the man to take off his socks.  They were white anklet socks.  The woman folded them in half, tucked one end under the edge of the man's helmet, so that the rest of the sock covered the man's ears. She then adjusted the helmet straps to make a small 'vee' right over the ears to hold the socks in place.  The man was happy, the woman was happy because the man was happy and not grumpy, and the bike ride continued on and was much more enjoyable for both.  The woman was sad that her camera batteries died and she had not remembered to bring extras, so that she could not record the ear covering socks for all her blog readers to see.  
The End.

The moral of the story:  Speak now or forever have your ears ache.


  1. Great story! I was sorry there aren't photos though.

  2. Ah a missed photo opportunity! I say whatever works. You are a good inventor! :)

  3. made my day with your story. Yep, Women are from Venus and Men are from Mars WITHOUT a doubt.

  4. Ha, love it! Hope he didn't end up with blisters!


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