Sunday, May 12, 2013

Lovely While it Lasted

We've had Summer for the past week and a half.  Lovely summer. Just one hottish sort of day, and the rest were warm and sunny.  Well it's back to reality now, we've been reminded it isn't even the middle of May yet, and this morning it's cool and raining.  But in a way I'm glad about that too.  I have a lot of transplants that need a good watering, and more transplants and seeding to do, and rainy weather is best for that, for me at least, as I hate having to water.

Look at the peas go! In 2 1/2 weeks they've grown about a foot and a half.  My idea of hanging the fabric over them to make them lean in to the wire didn't quite work as planned.  Also, I felt they needed to get out in the real sunlight.  So I changed it a bit and pegged the fabric to the wire lower down to hold them in, and it has worked like a charm.


The weeds are growing like mad too, unfortunately.  There's not enough hours in a day.....or enough energy....or maybe it's willpower....or more likely it's all three.  Add age into that mix too.

We have a few more flowers blooming.  The forget-me-nots are just about done, as well as the grape hyacinths, and some other little blue bulby flower.  Now it's bluey purple irises.  No picture of those.  I took a few pictures last evening as it was getting dim, and the irises are under a tree and it was really too dark for them.  This columbine is very pretty though.



Even the cornflower is.  I had ripped this plant out at one point, a few years ago.  It looked such a mess, sprawling all over the place.  Somehow it magically reappeared, and now I'm just 'managing it.  Keeping it controlled and contained, and welcoming its touch of blue.



And the big double peonies are just starting to open.  If only they'd opened at the beginning of the dry spell.  They just load themselves up with rain and flop over.  No, I don't have them fastened up at this point, but I will try to get that done.  I got these peonies from Larry's mum's garden, a lot of years ago.


The pansies that were in a little mixed planter that I bought last Fall are blooming their little...well I was going to say happy, but to me they always look grumpy....faces off.


And here's my latest thrift store find, or one of them anyway.  A piece of garden art, or junk.  Probably a Chinese 'artifact' made to look rusty and old.  Now it needs some sort of plinth (that's my new word) to sit on.  The plastic bird bath doesn't quite cut it.  Cost me $4.  That was full price.  I usually try to hit the thrift stores on sale days, but this time I was just passing by, and the car just seemed to turn into the parking lot....Fellow thrifters know how that just seems to happen.


Here's something else I got a few weeks ago.  Why?  Well not sure.  It was half price day.  It cost me $2.  It's about 5'x3'.   It is all hand quilted.  It made me feel sad to think that the hours that someone had put into that, doing all that quilting with a needle and thread,  had been reduced to $2.    I felt the need to rescue it.  So it's sitting folded, hanging over the stair railing.  Who knows how long it will sit there, because really I don't have a place for it.  
That's how it goes.


Did I hear someone say hoarder?

Happy Mother's Day!


  1. You found some good finds..I wouldn't have passed them up either if that makes you feel better..maybe I am just a fellow hoarder!
    Lovely flowers, we are probably a good three weeks behind you. The Peony is beautiful!
    Happy Mother's Day:)

  2. Happy Mother's Day. Love love love the blue flowers and the garden art object. How noble of you to rescue that little quilted thing. Enjoy the Sunday.

  3. Maybe you're heading to set up your own shop someday. I would buy the quilt!
    May the appreciation of your Motherhood be present.


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