Thursday, May 23, 2013

Things Can Change in an Instant

Shortly after I wrote my post last night, gently poking fun at Larry, I received a call from my sister.    It was one of those calls that made me really want to say 'This is just a joke, right?'  But no-one ever jokes about that.  My sister told me that her husband had just died.  He was 56.
Today has been spent trying to get things planted, seeded, transplanted.  Bringing Larry up to speed  about the garden and what to take the to markets, and where things are and what to do with them.   It is opening day at the White Rock Farmers Market this Sunday.  Meredith offered to help Larry out this weekend.  I'm flying to Ontario tomorrow to stay with my sister for a while.  I still can't believe it.


  1. Oh No Karen, I am so sorry..sending warm thoughts and prayers your way. Safe travels I am sure your sister really needs you:(

  2. Sincere sympathy.

  3. Oh my gosh. Terrible news. Very sad for your sister. ENJOY each and every day you wake up. That's for sure. I'm sure Larry and Meredith can hold down the fort while you go to your sisters side to comfort her and help her with arrangements. Very sorry :0(

  4. Hi Karen, Just stopping in to check on you, I imagine you are exhausted..IF you are home yet. Sad times for your family for sure:(

    Everything can change in an instant! Hope you were a great comfort to your sister.

  6. Oh Karen, I am so terribly sorry for you and your family. You are all in my prayers. Keep us posted when you have the time...I know you will be busy.


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