Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A Research Project for you Cathy

Yesterday I had some errands to do.  Drop off library books, return a ruptured, gel wheelchair seat cushion, stop at the butchers for some dog food.  Some trivia here....did you know that a low end seat cushion for a wheel chair, with a gel pack in it, costs $360? (that was with a 10% discount because my mum is in a care home.  Why does that make any difference?) That price just blows me away.  The gel pack in my mother's cushion had ruptured, less than 6 months after it was purchased.  Thank goodness there is a two year warranty.  So after doing things I'd actually gone out to do, I then stopped at the nursery and bought some plants, the produce place to get some fruit off the reduced table for fruit salad, and the grocery store.  Well it just so happens that there is a thrift store right across the road from the grocery store.  And I figure that I deserve a little 'reward' for doing all that other stuff.  Logical, right?  Not my favourite thrift store, I find their clothes a little expensive, but I always manage to find something to bring home.

I see this  vintagey  looking old metal file box.  Did I have a use for


But the price was right.


And when I opened it up, this was the clincher.


My sister lives there.  It's a small town in Ontario.  
So off to Google I go to see what I can find out.  An hour wasted and I found absolutely nothing.  So Cathy and the other one or two readers I have in Smiths Falls, I'm sending this little research project to you:)


  1. I am off to work soon at the library and will pass this on to our fantastic reference librarian. She likes a challenge :-)

  2. I knew you had the right connections:)

  3. You had a very full day and a lucky find!


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