Friday, May 3, 2013

Flowers in the Kitchen

We've just come back from a few days in Oliver.  My computer access there is limited ( an hour a day at the library).  One of these days I'll get a laptop, although we aren't willing to pay a monthly internet fee for something we aren't there to use very often.  Guess I'll have to hang out in Tim Horton's for their free WiFi:).  Anyway, just a bit of an explanation as to why there tends to be dry spells, blog wise. 

It was a working holiday, well for me anyway.  Not that Larry got to sit around drinking wine and reading his book.  There was grass to mow, a hedge to be trimmed, etc. I had wanted to go back to Oliver when the lilacs are blooming.  We did, and they are.  Everywhere.  Although we don't officially have lilacs at our place, there is a hedge of them between us and the elderly lady on one side.  The hedge is on her property, but it tends to hang into ours. So one of the first things we did when I got there was to pick a bunch and stick them in a vase.  The scent of them is wonderful.


Since one of the things I had to do there was make jam, the smell of raspberries overpowered the lilacs for a while one day, and the lovely scent of cooking lemons (for marmalade) another day.  In between though, it was lilacs.  And I swear, that even walking around the neighbourhood, I could smell them too.



  1. I like lilacs too..the neighbors have a whole row of them and some days you can smell them when you drive is heavenly:)

  2. Must be way warmer there, our lilacs are still teeny tiny buds.


  3. Our lilacs bloomed in March this year...late March :0)


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