Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Signs of Spring

Pretty flowers



Hairy cats hightailing it out of there.



  1. Spring has sprung. We have a light snow on the ground and no flowers as of yet. I think I'd SHAVE that cat! Yowsers!

  2. Oh, spring flowers!!! I'm envious! Cold and snowy here of course.
    I think you have another hours work left on Smudge, that is quite the winter coat.

    1. I hate to say it, but that is more than a winter coat with Smudge. Her owner (who shall remain nameless) doesn't brush her...much. Smudge tends to attack when you are meaning business when you brush. Her attack threshold is higher with me, I don't take any nonsense from her. I had just washed all the dog mats, cat mat, blankets on the couch that were hairy, and Smudge happened to come along while I was thinking about hair, etc. I got the Furminator, coaxed her outside, and had a go at her. She was NOT impressed, yowled most of the time, but I managed to avoid losing any blood. If I remember today when I see her walking around, I'll have another go. These days she mostly sleeps.

  3. And green grass..lovely to see the flowers and shedding cats too:)


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