Saturday, February 16, 2013

Cottage Vision

Now if I was one of those organized people, I would have had some blog posts ready to magically appear while we were away.  Not only am I not organized, I couldn't even manage to get anything posted in the six days before we left.  We just got home from eight days at Wyndson Cottage in Oliver.  The sun was shining every day but one.  The only precipitation we saw was about half an inch of fluffy snow on our last day there, that promptly melted as soon as the sky cleared and the sun shone.  The four hour drive was good, the mountain passes were all clear.

First order of business when we got there was to see if we could pick up any tv reception with an aerial.  We had brought the one from home, leaving the house sitters with no tv reception.  They weren't impressed, but survived with their laptops.

On one of our previous trips, we had driven around town to see if we could spot aerials on any rooftops.  No luck.  Finally we asked at an electronics store.  The guy Larry spoke to said he thought we might be able to get two channels.  We were all excited.  Of course Cable and Satellite is available, but we didn't want to be paying $40 a month for a service we were rarely there to use. After all, at Wyndson Farm we get away with Peasant Vision and 8 channels. We didn't want to buy an aerial until we were sure we could actually pick up a signal.  I said I wanted to do this in the dark.  Didn't want all the neighbours watching us as Larry walked around on the roof of the house with the aerial on a long pole, turning it in different directions, to try pick up a signal.  The last trip we had gone back to the electronics store to see if they had aerials there, which they no longer did, and the guy we talked to this time was very doubtful that we would pick up any signal at all.  Too many rocky hills in the way.

Of course being at night, and the sky being clear, it meant the temperature was below freezing, and there was a nice slippery coating of frost on the roof.  Larry said he wasn't going up there.  We made do with him standing on the carport roof on the little ladder that we had managed to stuff into the truck.


I was command central, which was in the truck in the carport. (It was warmer in there:))


I started the search.  Great excitement.....TWO channels!  They were analog, and not digital, but....and then it ended up that really it was only one channel, as they were both the same.


We got Global, and this was Glee.


We took the tv and the aerial back inside, and found that even with the aerial leaning up against the living room wall, we got reception.  A bit snowy, but still...   I took the aerial and it's pole out the front door and leaned it against the metal stair railing, and the reception was good.  The aerial leaning on the front steps was not a look we really wanted to maintain.  The next day Larry found something on the side of the house to fasten the aerial to, and we are good to go:)


Actually, in some ways it's good to only have one channel.  If there is something on that we aren't interested in, there's more incentive to turn the thing off.  It is nice though at the end of the day if we've just come back from a long walk and are tired, to flop down on something soft, glass of wine or sherry in hand, and just veg out in front of the idiot box for a little bit.

And yes, we are looking for a bigger tv.  That little one will go back to my sewing room.


  1. Glad you had nice weather for your trip to the cottage ! Papa and I have cable , Netflix and what not but we only watch TV later in the evenings with our cup of tea for an hour or two ! Have a good day !

  2. I like the noise of the TV even if I am not watching it! Looks like you are good to go! :)

  3. One channel does eliminate alot of decision making. Sounds like a nice smiple life. I don't know if I could make it without my weekly dose of "The Walking Dead" though!


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