Saturday, February 16, 2013

A Glorious Blue Sky Day

When we were at Wyndson Cottage for a week in January, we were a little disappointed that the days were grey. We only saw a bit of sun one day.  There was some snow on a few days, which was expected, but we were quite disappointed at the lack of sunshine.

This last trip though, it was so exciting to wake up the first morning there to clear skies and the sun coming up.  By mid morning it was beautiful.  The temperatures were above freezing, and it felt very Springlike.  I wanted to go up the mountain.  We were really trying to be conscious this trip of not over exercising Calli, so Larry was a little hesitant as we had headed out with the three dogs.  I said we'd just go up to the water tower, which is just a little ways up, and has a gravel switchback road leading to it.  We got to the tower, it was warm, it was beautiful. Luna figured it was time for a snow bath, or a face wash at least.  There was a hard crust on the snow right there, and it was like she was trying to break through it.

 So then I said well maybe we could go along that trail over there, it's flat (thinking of Calli).  The only thing was there was a steep ravine between us and the trail.  So we slid down it on the icy side that was facing north, and slip slided our way up the south facing, muddy melting side, pushing and dragging Calli along with us.  Actually, we had to get off the trail and use the hummocks of grass to pull ourselves to the top, because heavy mud was accumulating on our boot soles.  And then we were on the level.


The trail headed off between two small hills.  Luna was all over the place, figured she was smelling deer, so made sure we kept her in sight.


The trail came out into the open and the hill dropped off to the north, and presented a great spot for a group photo.  Of course in the time spent trying to get the perfect shot (impossible) Jake was telling me that the sun reflecting off the snow was just getting too darn bright!


The view to the north


And then the deer appeared


We saw five of them.  They kept disappearing and then reappearing in another spot.  Maybe there were more than five.  The dogs didn't notice them.  I think they were out of their sight line.


Time to head back for lunch.



  1. What a great view! Cute video of Luna Chance does that too..I think it is more of a back scratching exercise:)

  2. Gorgeous scenery and photos! Oh that video was cute lol ! Thanks for sharing your walk with us ! The sky has been sunny and bright blue here as well but the winds have been that biting cold . I am done with winter now come on spring ! Have a good day !

  3. P.S When Miggs does that she grunts like crazy and we say she is having a rolly polly lol !

  4.'s a lot more fun to roll in SOFT snow :)

  5. So nice to spot the deer, and I'm glad Luna didn't see them. I think you family photo came out great! Ryker rolls in the snow like that too. He gets hot even in the winter after playing hard.


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