Friday, February 1, 2013

Golden Boy

Elizabeth and boys 175Elizabeth and boys 102

My main man had a birthday today.  One of those special ones.  He's entering the golden years.  You know, when you get reduced admission prices to events and get to ride the ferries for free mid-week.  We had a wonderful family birthday dinner out tonight.

Teaching David that when your dad is holding you, it IS okay to stand on the top 'this is not a step' step of the step ladder.  

Elizabeth and boys 180

And teaching Meredith the finer points of adjusting your stirrups.

Elizabeth and boys 077

Seventies anyone?

Elizabeth and boys 160

And back to the Fifties.

Elizabeth and boys 147

When we were doing some sorting out a while ago, we came across this poem that Larry's aunt Phyllis had written for his first birthday.

And you know, for a while there, Larry DID have long blonde curly hair, for his mother to play with.  I've seen the photo evidence...somewhere....

Here's to many golden years to come.


  1. Many happy and healthy returns of the big day. (It only hurts for a while)

  2. Love the photos....50's, 70's made me smile and of course, Larry adjusting Meredith's stirrups!

  3. Happy Birthday to you Larry! Love the photos but that wallpaper was just too much!

  4. I just found your blog today, so please accept a belated Happy Birthday, Larry. Love the photos, and the header is fantastic! Greetings from Montreal, Canada.


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