Monday, February 13, 2012

Minimal Misty Monday

The fog rolled out, and the variegated willow thingy looked like it was covered in strings of mini Christmas lights

And then the fog rolled back in

And there's that tongue again.  I think it's a border collie thing.

And a dog on restricted exercise is always hopeful, or maybe that's desperate?


  1. we are glad that foggy monster left. Were you licking the sheeps?
    Benny & Lily

  2. That was our day today...enveloped in a deep fog with a misty rain all day. What are those wispy little web-like butterfly-like things on the mossy branches?
    Kilt is back on all 4 cylinders now. Get better Jake!

  3. gvmama-those are spider webs on the mossy branches. Thankfully we didn`t have rain, and we did get sun again later on.
    Yay for Kilt!

  4. The webs are big are those spiders? Poor Jake..Luna looks to be in fine form..tongue and all:)

  5. No idea about the size of the spiders, I guess I'll have to look and see if I can see one.

  6. They cannot be real big if you have not noticed them..perhaps they are just busy spiders:)

  7. Gasp! look at all the 'angel bed's' on that tree!!
    (thats what I would call those webs as a child)
    I am amazed you were able to capture the sparkling droplets on the willow-beautiful


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