Monday, February 6, 2012

Big Boys at the Birdfeeder

I was wondering why the bird feeder was being emptied in a day.
Look at the pile of seed in that Jay's beak.
Usually they just work at the suet block.
They only manage to hang on this feeder a second or two, and probably as much falls on the ground as they carry off. 
 Not much gets wasted though, the rooster and a hen or two find their way over there to do some cleanup.

The blackbirds were in on it too

And the little guys were being pushed out

Nelson gives them the hairy eyeball, but doesn't want to go out there.
He prefers to go out in the early evening, when it's dark.  While he isn't bothered about the dogs in the house, being outside with them is a whole 'nother ball game.


  1. Great photo of the Blue Jay..yours look different than ours. We have two squirrels that have wandered in/moved in and they cannot get at the feeders but the feed off the ground inbetween Chance chasing them..they are persistent little guys:)

  2. I just love Blue Jays, we don't have many of them here, but lots of the little chickadees. No Black birds at all.

    We had a flock of wax wings fly in and feed in the rose hips and berries. They are so pretty. They did not stay long and I did not get any pictures : (

  3. That is a good reason why it's emptying out. Beautiful birdies
    Benny & Lily

  4. Big meal. I need to go fill my feeders. Thanks for reminding me. Tell Nelson to be careful out in the night!

  5. cool to see how your Jay's and chickadee's are different colors than here.
    Nelson is flooffy!


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