Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A Glorious Afternoon.

The clouds parted, the sky was blue and the sun shone.  Feb. 1 must be sunny quite often, just like it was today.

Because this was Feb. 1 last year, 

And this was Feb. 1,  14 years ago
Larry's 64th, 63rd, and 50th birthdays. 
You'd think we'd have something better to do than go to the dyke.
But then there are always dogs to be walked, and that's as good a place to go as any.
I bet that old stump will still be there 14 years from now.

This was on the way home.  After four o'clock and the sun is still shining. Yay for lengthening days.  Lots of water sitting on the fields in Glen Valley.  

And because I forgot to mention another birthday, here's a cute picture of Calli.
She turned 12 years old on Jan 26th.  
She's still doing really well.


  1. What a great timeline of photos. Isn't it nice when some things DON'T change just like that ol stump! Nothing cuter than a lab puppy. I'll have to post a picture of Xena as a pup. It will melt your heart!

  2. That's something I quite often say...'nothing cuter than a Lab puppy':)

  3. Ah look at that Calli..she was so cute! Twelve..Happy Birthday old girl:)

    Happy Birthday to Larry..I think it is wonderful to have photos of that same stump over the years:)


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