Sunday, November 19, 2017

Mosaic Canada

Our whole family went to Ontario for our nephew's/cousin's wedding.  At first Larry said he would stay home and look after the place, but we managed to convince him that he should go.  Larry and I and Meredith all travelled together from Abbotsford, David and Melissa from Edmonton.  The three of us arrived in the very wee hours of Sunday morning, the day of the wedding.  My sister had booked us into a hotel at the airport and left us a vehicle there to use, and it all worked out perfectly.  It was a lovely wedding.

Larry flew back home on Tuesday afternoon, Meredith and I were staying until the next weekend, but flying home separately as Meredith was heading to check out Toronto for a few days.  Thursday morning we took Meredith to the train station and waved her off on her trip.  She stayed in a hostel for three nights.  A young Korean woman there was impressed with Meredith 'living' out of her small carry-on bag.  Meredith probably didn't tell her that she had 'wedding clothes' in there too!

Later in the morning Cathy and I headed off to Ottawa to pick up her daughter and the three of us headed over the bridge into Quebec to this spectacle. 

Sculpture forms covered in plants.
The event was free, as were many things this year, in celebration of Canada's 150th birthday.
We were even able to get a pass for free parking along the street! 

The plants this side of the train were little sunflowers, but since it was now almost the middle of October, they had stopped blooming.
Imagine that as a field of yellow, it would be something wouldn't it?

Horses rising out of the sea

We loved the musk ox. We felt like we would like to go and pat them 😄

The city of Shanghai, China did a couple of the displays

Thought this would be Paul Bunyan, but it wasn't, and I can't remember who.

He scores!

Mother Nature.  
You can get a sense of the scale of it here.

Cathy is wearing a Lole jacket that I had bought here from the thrift store, new condition, but was a bit tight on me.  It fit her perfectly and looks great!

Heather and Cathy having a little fun

Sisters too!

The mare and foal weren't made out of plants, but we loved them, and their setting was gorgeous.

A friend and her two dogs had stayed at the house while we were gone.
Larry said the dogs weren't overly excited to see him when he got back. More like he had just been gone for an hour or so.


  1. Look at that one, look at That- beautiful, omg look at those!!!!!!!! this really is incredible!! WOW

    1. It was, and I wondered how they kept all the plants watered. Although it was a rather wet summer for Ontario....

  2. I was wondering about the dogs...sounds like Larry could have stayed away longer! That was some wonderful Horticultural Event!! WOW so much planning and time involved...I enjoyed seeing it very much!

    1. It was a long weekend here (Thanksgiving) so that worked well for the house sitter. Our dogs are used to us being around most of the day, so on Tuesday since Larry was late getting back, another friend dropped by mid afternoon to let them out. They had lots of company so that is probably why the dogs weren't going nuts when Larry got home ;-)

  3. That is pretty amazing!! The pictures of the horses rising out of the sea made me think of a scene in Lord of the Rings.
    It looks like you had good weather for your visit. AND you even got to go thrifting!!!

  4. We really did like the horses and the musk ox ! We did go thrifting, but the jacket I had bought here at MCC, and I took with me.

  5. Those things are unbelievable!! I've never seen anything like it! Looks like you and your sister have lots of fun together. Sure is nice having a sister like that, isn't it. Reminds me of the times Shelby and I have together.

  6. Most enjoyable. Thank you Karen for sharing. Nice to see a blog post since I had stopped looking then suddenly did and wow, what a treat.

    1. Hi Janice, hope you found the previous posts as well, I've done a few in the past month.
      Hope all is going well with your new home!


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