Saturday, October 27, 2012

What We Did There.

When we went to Oliver, we took the dogs (of course), so we did a lot of walking.  The best place to walk is the Hike and Bike trail along the Okanagan River.  Once you are out of the town limits, it is off leash.  This day was the worst day weather-wise when we were there, cloudy and trying to rain a little bit.  It never did come to much though.  The walk was lovely, nice Fall colours, and we didn't meet a soul.

The dogs did what our dogs do.  Luna ran ahead, Jake peed on bushes, Calli found a rock.

We walked a couple of miles this particular day, and could have easily walked farther, but we have to keep Calli in mind and keep the walk to a length she can handle.  She had picked up a monstrous rock down by the river, and was going to bring it along.  I made her drop down the side of the dyke and leave it.

On the way back, we were chatting away and not paying attention, and she remembered exactly where that rock was, and went and got it.  I've seen her do that before.  It was a situation where she couldn't even see the rock, it was about 30 ft away down the side of the dyke hidden by long grasses, and she still knew exactly where she had left it.  Since we were close to the truck at that point, we just let her carry it back.  She doesn't chew the rocks, just carries them and if there is sand, will dig holes and drop them in.  Weird.

Of course Jake found a stick, or many sticks, and he is always hopeful.  He's not always lucky though.  Sometimes we just want them to run and sniff and NOT play fetch.

Next time we go to Oliver we are going to have the canopy on the truck.  Calli can ride in there in a crate, and Jake and Luna can share the narrow space behind the seats.  Last trip Calli and Jake shared that spot, and the passenger seat was pushed back as far as it would go, and Luna was curled up on the floorboards.  Since we have a Ford Ranger ( a mini truck), it was squishy for everyone but the driver.  On the way back home, Luna had had just about enough.  She was trying to get on the seat (not really enough room),  was looking over into the back and looking like she was going to jump over and land on the other two dogs. Next time it will be better.


  1. I hope the dogs liked it up there! Looks like a good trail to walk. Love Calli and her rock:)

  2. Calli is hilarious with the rock, BOL
    Benny & Lily

  3. Calli is quite the rock hound. Jake is acting like Ryker, I can never just take a walk with him unless I have him on a leash, otherwise he finds and drops a stick right at my feet. Or smacking me in the legs with it! If we had a second dog it might help but that isn't going to happen, hubby says NO! :(

    1. We just ignore Jake if we don't want to play fetch. He usually gets the message:)

  4. Kilt can curl up in a ball anywhere and she is always in the lead. Made me laugh ;0)


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