Monday, December 5, 2011

Pretty in Pink

Luna is quite happy to lend her support to breast cancer research and to those dealing with breast cancer.

I was quite happy to give a donation going through the checkout at Safeway a few weeks ago. The young cashier seemed thrilled when I said yes.  She must have been getting tired of asking everyone that went through, and not getting many positive responses.  I don't mind being asked to donate at the checkout for a worthy cause.  To me it's an easy way to do it.
And I'm quite proud to flaunt this gaudy pink badge on the shoulder strap of my purse.

Thinking of you, Sandy!

As for Luna, well last Monday she was outside tussling with Jake.  Next thing I see is her stood by the dog pool with blood dripping from her foot.  After I got the bleeding stopped and struggled with her to get a look, all I could see on a foot that was never held still enough was a raw spot where skin had been ripped off between her two middle toes.  A long way from her heart I thought.  But then Luna started licking it, and licking it, and seemed obsessed with it.  I put a fleece bootie on her foot, and she licked the bootie.  On Wednesday I had to take her back to Lana the chiropractor for a re-check.  Her back was in pretty good shape, other than a couple of minor adjustments.  I asked Lana to check her foot for misaligned toes.  Luna protested wildly, it was very painful, but Lana managed to straighten them out.  One was badly out of alignment, and the other wasn't quite as severe.  I though that was great, would probably be the end of the toe licking, but it wasn't.  She wore the bootie most of the time, and then when she went outside, I sewed a piece of waterproofed nylon into a tube and fastened it on her leg with electrical tape.  By Friday she was still licking it.  It was a real struggle to get any sort of decent look at it.  I debated about taking her to the vet, but I  figured that since it was already Friday, the chances of getting her in to see him before this week were slim. I thought I'd wait it out over the weekend.  Her foot was smelling really funky and disgusting but I couldn't see any sign of infection.  Anyway, it does finally seem to be drying up and healing between the toes.  She is still licking it at times, but not as much.  The gross smell has gone.  Maybe the pink bootie is almost ready to be retired.


  1. I hope she will be okay - I always hate when I can't make the decision about the vet!


  2. Paws crossed for you. Pink'd is good
    Benny & Lily

  3. Good ol Betadine will get rid of the funky smell. Pour it on where she is licking, Let dry and rewrap. kilt was in a splint for 3 mos. with a broken toe when she was a year old.

  4. You can always wrap a dog in a heavy rug or beach towel really tight..with the offending foot outside. Someone can feed her peanut butter on a spoon whilst the other person gets a good look at the foot.
    If the smell is gone it must be on its way to getting better. Poor Luna..but she still looks pretty:)

  5. The image of us trying to swaddle Luna in a towel made me laugh:)
    We tried that with Smudge once, and weren't too successful.


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