Saturday, December 3, 2011

Market Moments

Today was a farmers market at Abbotsford.   After the regular season ended the week after Thanksgiving in the middle of October, there were five markets on various Saturdays before Christmas.  I chose to go to two of them, maybe three. (There is one more yet the week before Christmas).  For the most part, the market is now held indoors.  There are always a few vendors that are outside, some because they operate out of a large trailer, others because they prefer it that way.  If there's a chance that the day is going to be decent, I'd much prefer to be outdoors.  I lucked out at the market at the beginning of November, and it was a lovely sunny day.  It is so much easier for me to set up outside.  The jam that is not part of the immediate display can remain in the utility trailer that we park at the back of our booth.  It saves a lot of lifting in and out of the trailer, loading onto a dolly and transporting inside.  As well as that, there is much more room.  When I'm setting up inside, there never seems to be enough room.  Mostly room for the ten to fifteen boxes of jam that are there to refill the display once a jar is sold. (On any given day I have around thirty different varieties)
 So today was supposed to be sunny, with overnight temperatures around the freezing mark, and sun and about 5 degrees Celsius.  A bit chilly to start, but by mid morning it would be quite pleasant. Or so I thought.
This morning when I got up, it was cloudy.  That's okay, it kept the overnight temperatures up a bit higher.  The sun would burn the clouds away, and I'd be glad I'd chosen to be outside. When I got to the market, there were only three of us hardy souls outdoors, with another twenty vendors or so, in the nice, waaarrrrrm basement of the church.  One of the outside vendors was set up in a trailer, and had a heater at his feet.  I had taken all the right clothing I thought.  I waited patiently, and then impatiently, for some signs of the sun breaking through.  It never happened.  In fact we got some drizzle.  What the....?
The sun never did come out.  The drizzle was enough to wet the pavement.  It didn't get any warmer, and neither did I.  Two hot cups of tea and some delicious soup kept me at just feeling cold instead of freezing.  Lots of my regular customers wanted to know why I was outside in the cold.  I kept telling them it was supposed to be sunny. Good thing I can laugh at myself.  What I think helped to keep me from freezing was that sales were brisk, and it was a very profitable market:)  I think if I go to the market in two weeks, I'll pick the inside option though.


  1. I'd be in the basement even as much as I love the outdoors ;0)

  2. sounds like a fun day..despite that drizzle
    Benny & Lily


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