Saturday, January 13, 2018

More ICE!

Well this will be a winter to remember.  We have had nonstop rain for two days now.  Yesterday we got a snowfall warning that seemed to come out of nowhere.  It turned out that it was only those some miles to the east of us that got the snow, but we did get a bit of freezing rain.  Thank goodness it was just a bit, because a fraction of a degree colder would have made for another terrible mess.

It was very pretty this morning though.  It seems that there was a bit of warmth in the ground so there was no freezing rain at ground level, but everything from a couple of feet off the ground had a pretty layer of ice on it. The contrast of the frosted trees and the green grass was beautiful.

Looking south over our hayfield to the neighbour's property

Looking east over our back hayfield. The Alders back there are pretty battered looking from the previous ice storm

Same place looking south

Iced over Wild Chervil, an invasive weed
Looking east over the close hayfield

Icy Cotoneaster. So pretty with the red berries.

Salix integra 'Hakuro Nishiki'

In the afternoon we went out.  Most our ice at home had melted.  Going uphill we ran into more ice which slowly decreased as we went back downhill to the flat land of Matsqui Prairie.  We went into town to pick something up, and went quite a ways uphill, but no ice in that area.  Back down to the flats, but more to the east, and all ice free.  We drove past the place we used to live 30+ years ago, and what a dump it looks now.  Across the eastern half of the prairie towards the Fraser River, and all of a sudden the ice reappeared, and got worse and worse.  We took the dogs for a walk along the dyke there in the pouring rain, it was miserable with an east wind blowing at us. Fascinating to see all the ice again though, but not quite so fascinating to the dogs when a few branches along the edge of the fields decided to crash down.  Everything except the road and the gravel dyke was layered in ice.

Luna figured she had earned a few treats for plonking her butt on that cold and icy bench

Looks like tomorrow afternoon and Sunday may be decent for working on our firewood stash.


  1. The cotoneaster is so lovely with the ice-covered branches and red berries.
    Today the weather is fairly nice and tomorrow as well! It's a nice break.

  2. Wow that Cotoneaster is beautiful! You took some lovely photos...poor Luna...hope she got some treats!

  3. I can't believe all the ice you folks have had. Luna looks so cold on that bench covered in ice and icicles! She is so sweet.


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